On a Mission to Shatter the Glass Ceiling

We empower women and girls, one t-shirt at a time, by giving 100 % of our profits back to Girls Inc. and Girl Up, non-profit organizations that empower and inspire girls and young women because... 

Only 26 companies in the  S&P 500 are led by women CEOs 

Only 25 % of executive and senior-level positions are held by women and

Only 20 % of board seats at these companies belong to women

Only one t-shirt can help to make a difference!

Our Story

Hi. I am Arielle Lapiano, Founder of Shattered Glass Tees. I started this company for my two young girls and to give back to charities that support the girls who need it most. Let's shatter some glass!

Bold Bags

Passionate about Empowement

We believe that to empower women and girls we need to provoke, inspire and support. When women and girls recognize their super powers, success is within their grasp. With the power of the collective we will shatter some glass!

Contact Us

Have a question, comment, or just need to talk? Want a different color, sleeve length or product?  Need t-shirts or bags for an event? We can create custom products! Email arielle@shatteredglasstees.com for a super heroine response.